People of God, pray this “Freedom from Demonic Power Deliverance Declaration”, and be free!

Breaking the chains

Breaking the chains

“I confess and declare that I know and enjoy the absolute freedom of God. Jesus Christ has set me free from the guilt and power of sin! And I am free indeed!
I have been crucified with Christ, and have been raised into his resurrection life of perfect liberty. I know that the Son of God was manifested with?the purpose of destroying all the evil works of the enemy. And I know that he has done this in me.
I walk in the freedom of the Spirit, and have been liberated by the law
of love. I have been delivered from the curse of the Law, and I am no longer bound by sin, or by the flesh, or by the devil.
I announce that I am now free to do right, to obey God?s will, and to serve my
Lord and Saviour with every part of my being. I know that I?m not my own, for I was bought by a great price, the precious blood of Jesus. I now belong to Jesus, and am eager to do his bidding.
I renounce sin, Satan, and all his evil works. I stand firm in my freedom, and live in the victory of Christ forever. Amen!”


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