When a crack appears a force begins to operate, it's time for you to breakthrough

When a crack appears a force begins to operate, it's time for you to breakthrough

This is a prophetic message about preparing for and receiving your breakthrough. The breakthrough moment in your life can often seem ‘unexpected’ but it is always preceded by a time of preparation that can often span years, as David’s life illustrates. David was called and anointed by God but he had to go through a process of preparation to receive his victory.?A breakthrough is ‘an act or point of breaking through an obstruction or defensive line; it is an important advance in knowledge or achievement’. And our God is the God of the breakthrough. The breakthrough itself is sudden rapid and often ‘unexpected’ but there is always a lead up, a time of preparation. We can see this clearly in David’s victory against the Philistines recorded in 1 Chronicles 14:8-17, because as we look back through his life we can see how all the trails and struggles come to fruition in that moment.

David had been prepared by God

David’s preparation began at a young age, taking the lowest job in the family and being sent out into the hills looking after the sheep. He was not included in the feast when Samuel the prophet came to visit and was not counted among the sons of Jesse – Samuel had to ask if there was another before he was brought forward. Instead of sinking into rejection and despondency, David used that time to become a worshipper, opening his heart and developing intimacy with God. Breakthrough flows out of intimacy with God. If you want a breakthrough become a true worshipper!

David learned to be faithful

Faithfulness is being true to who you are, to what God has called you to do and to continue to do it as unto the Lord. David could have been resentful of his situation but he worked hard at the task set before him – and God saw how David looked after the sheep and knew he could also be trusted to look after his people, Israel. If we are faithful in looking after the four or five cell members we have; or we are diligent in our daily work even if no one seems to be paying any attention to us – God sees and will remember.

David had been called and anointed

It was David’s calling and anointing that made him so many enemies. It is this anointing that drove the Philistines out against him in 1 Chronicles 14. Your call and anointing is the most precious thing that you have and it is that which the devil wants to rob you of more than anything else because it is destined to destroy him and all his works. It is the anointing that makes the difference in your fight against the work of the enemy!
One of the things that we have found in this revival is that God is not using just one or two leaders, he is using ordinary people who love him and are ready to serve him with their whole heart. Each one of us is called and anointed.When your calling and anointing are the most important thing about your life after Jesus, when everything you do – your career, ambitions, hopes and dreams – is submitted to him and when your chief ambition is to know the Lord and to make him known, you can be used by the Lord in his breakthrough.
When Saul had been rejected by the Lord, Samuel was sent to anoint the man chosen by God to become king. Samuel met the seven sons of Jesse and each of them had qualities that made them seem like possible candidates. But the Lord, who looks not at the outward things but at the heart, instructed Samuel to anoint David. From that moment David was the Lord’s anointed king, but he did not step into the position until many years later. David had to learn to carry his calling and to remain faithful while waiting for God’s timing – all through his desert experience when he was on the run from Saul. Many times David could have acted himself to bring that time forward, three times he had the opportunity to kill Saul but refused to do so. He trusted completely in the Lord and had the patience to wait for God to carry out his plans. One of the biggest challenges we face when waiting for the breakthrough is dealing with our fleshly enthusiasm!

David was proven and tested by God

God gave David little battles and then ‘Goliath’ battles and throughout it all God was testing him. Every Spiritual battle we face is training. David defeated the lion and the bear – if you want to progress in anything, you go through tests that become gradually more difficult. God increased David’s responsibility and set harder and harder tests – if you want to see your breakthrough you have to prove that you are ready for the test. If David had not beaten the lion and the bear he would not have had the confidence to face Goliath. He had learned the most basic principle of spiritual warfare: what we cannot do, God can do; and if we do what we can do then God will do what only he can do. If you stand against the struggles and challenges today you will be able to stand against impossible odds in the future and God will give you supernatural breakthrough. Every single battle counts!
True faith is confidence in God. The devil is a master of distraction and deflection and he succeeds almost every time. He will use anything he can to distract you from the central plan and purposes of God – things like fear, rejection, intimidation, accusation etc. But if you hand these challenges over to God, he will use them to bring victory and glory to himself. The God of the breakthrough is the God of fulfilment and he will never renege on his promises. And when the breakthrough comes, it will make sense of everything that you have been through – both good and bad, successes and failures. God has given us spiritual principles of how to receive your breakthrough. These are not a ‘formula’ but if you line up with the spiritual principles God has given, you will see the most amazing things happen!

Go to the stronghold

It was once David was both anointed as king over all Israel and also posing a threat to the enemy that the Philistines went up to search for him.When you are in the place of preparation, taking care of just a few sheep, the enemy will mostly leave you alone but the moment you stand at the point of breakthrough and ready to step into your destiny, then the enemy lets loose – but God also acts! God has given us authority to trample on snakes and scorpions, so we need not be intimidated.We have the protection and anointing of the Lord so there is no necessity to be defeated in any aspect of our lives. David had a stronghold (2 Samuel 5:17) and so do we – his name is Jesus.

David enquired of the Lord

David had enough military experience, he had some of the best fighting men in the land. So, in his own strength, he would not have been intimidated by the Philistine army, but he still enquired of the Lord “Should we go up against them?” Knowing how to enquire of God, how to hear his voice and then to obey is key to receiving the breakthrough. After the battle David acknowledged that, “God has broken through by my hand” (1 Chronicles 14:11). God is the God of the breakthrough but he uses our hands – if you do your part he will do his! The Christian life is about power – dunamis – but the word primarily means ‘ability’, the enabling power of God. As Philippians 4:12 says “I can do all things through Christ who enables me”. In a time of breakthrough the whole army must come out and fight – or it will be less of a victory than is possible.

David destroyed the idols

The Philistines believed in all different types of gods. One of the biggest tricks of the enemy is to dress something up as God and try and get you to worship that instead of the true God. The idols that the Philistines took into battle represent spiritual power and the deception of demonic spirits.When the Philistines carried their idols with them they were really asking, “Who is the lord? Is it the gods that we worship or the Lord Almighty whom you serve?”We need to expose the deception, destroy the idols and serve the true and living God.When the Philistine army was defeated they abandoned their idols, which David commanded to be burned in a fire. And we will see the same with our nation, one by one the things that people depend on will fail and be abandoned but the Lord God Almighty will remain faithful and true to his word and his promises.

Complete victory

In 1 Chronicles 14:14 the Philistines returned to raid the valley of Rephaim once again. The devil has very few weapons but one of them is persistence. David had beaten them once but he did not rely on that victory, he enquired of the Lord afresh and God gave him a different strategy. God will test you until you can do no more and then he will step in and take over. He is never late, at the right time God always shows up. And this time David did not just defeat them but, under the power of God, he drove them out completely – and that is breakthrough!


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