Satan Unmasked, a book by Colin Dye. Click here to read more on this topic.

Satan Unmasked, a book by Colin Dye. Click here to read more on this topic.

Few years ago I had returned from a prolonged time of seeking Jesus. The revelation that He gave me was startling and focused on unmasking Satan. In our lives as Christians it is vital that we learn to overcome. I want to help you to discover how the enemy operates and for us together to unmask him and defeat him.?Living in this kind of victory does not happen simply through deliverance but occurs through deliverance and daily discipline. Many people believe that victory comes to their lives when they receive deliverance ministry – but in reality true victory comes when deliverance is coupled with a new godly, disciplined daily lifestyle. Also as you read this article today do not just receive it as intellectual truth but take it into your spirit and appropriate it. Then act on the truth – live it out!

The Jezebel spirit

So what is the Jezebel spirit? This is the spirit that is named after Queen Jezebel who was the wife of King Ahab who was a king of Israel. This spirit seeks to affect our marriages, family life, self image, relationships, sexuality, ministry and so much more! This spirit is at the root of the demonic kingdom and seeks to destroy all that is of God in the earth. This is a spirit that seeks to dominate everything in our spiritual and national life.

The beginning

The strategy of Satan has always been to take from mankind the authority that God has given to us. This strategy can be seen right from Genesis chapter one where mankind rebels against God and the battle of the sexes commences. God’s intention was for men and women to work together in partnership to subdue the world. But Satan’s distortion brought the temptation for women to manipulate and rule men and for men to dominate women. Men and women have equal status and worth in the eyes of God but they do have different, but complimentary, roles. The role of the man is as the head and that of the women as helper. The man’s role is as the loving leader and the woman’s as a suitable helper. Together men and women can subdue the earth!

Ahab and Jezebel

In 1 Kings 16 we see the supreme example of the Jezebel spirit. This evil queen Jezebel brought great sin into the nation and an incredible conflict occurs with the prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel. Jezebel encouraged Baal worship which promoted immorality and perversion. A great victory is won on Carmel and the nations sees the fire of God descend. But even after that amazing victory Jezebel threatens and intimidates Elijah to the extent that he runs for fear of his life. Jezebel then institutes a period of persecution and the prophetic figures in the nation are killed. This is a spirit behind a woman who manifests incredible control, seduction and manipulation and Ahabhas given in to that control. Jezebel operates out of a spirit of witchcraft. Ahab had given up the headship of his home and of the nation. This Jezebel spirit is passed from one generation to another until it is stopped by the power of Christ. Ahaziah became the new king of Israel and indulged in all the sins of his parents.

Jezebel’s defeat

In the book of Revelation chapter 17 the spirit of Babylon or the Jezebel spirit comes into focus once again. Babylon is that great system of the world which is dominated and controlled by Satan. Babylon is everything that the devil has built around himself, it is the system of antichrist. He controls governments, the arts, media, finance, education, science and so much more! In fact he even tries to control the church. But at the same time the city of God, Zion, is rising to defeat Babylon. Babylon will fall. As believers we need, by repentance, to come out of Babylon and to live holy lives.

Freedom from the Jezebel spirit

As the conflict between the Elijah generation and the Jezebel spirit increases we need to know how to confront that spirit. God has given us powerful weapons in order to enforce the victory that he has already accomplished – the name of Jesus, faith, the word of God, praise, binding and loosing, prayer and the blood of Jesus. Incredible weapons by which we can wage warfare.

Living Free

We have been set free so we must live free! It is crucial that we do not yield our lives to sin. If you have sin in your life then repent of it now and shut off those areas of your life from the devil. Sins that might be relevant for you include pride, self-righteousness, abdicating male headship, usurping male headship, greed and adultery. Ask for the Holy Spirit’s light to shine on your life. Do not allow the devil to have access to your life. Today you can start to walk the path of freedom by:

  • Confessing your sin
  • ?Forsaking your sin – walk towards Jesus and away from your sinful lifestyle
  • ?Forgive all those who have sinned against you
  • ?Ask God for deep cleansing and forgiveness; ask Him to extract the sin out of your personality
  • ?Expel every evil presence in your life
  • ?Praise God
  • Seek a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit

This new path needs to be your continual path. You can maintain the lifestyle of freedom in Jesus by pursuing God with all of your heart, by filling your life with prayer and intercession, by living in the word and walking before Him in obedience and service. Jesus has set us free so let’s live free!


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