A painting of the Nativity

A painting of the Nativity

The whole Bible is God’s love revelation of himself to a world in pain. Jesus came to complete the message. As the Word of God made flesh, Jesus is the full and final declaration of God. This time he did not send a prophet, he came himself. The highest understanding of who Jesus is, is that he is God manifested in the flesh.

This means we never again need to wonder what God is really like – Jesus has made him known, the invisible has been made visible. Jesus revealed the true character of God. He is the loving, giving and forgiving Heavenly Father.

But in Jesus we also see a revelation of humanity – the true humanity of God’s original intention. The Word made flesh brings us a high definition demonstration of God’s purpose for our lives. He calls us back his original plan – that we should be like Jesus. The whole object of redemption is that we should become sons of God and be changed into the likeness of Christ.

He came to lift us up. He came to set us free. He came to bring us back to our full identity as his children. Jesus took up human nature so that he could reconcile us to God. This plan of salvation was brilliantly conceived in heaven and perfectly executed on earth. Jesus died for sinful humanity and lifted that humanity up with himself in his resurrection and took that glorified humanity back to heaven.

Christmas took place only once – and ever since we have been celebrating the achievements – not just of his birth – but of his whole life and mission. As we officially celebrate it again this Christmas remember that he is no longer the babe of Bethlehem, but he is now the Lord of glory. Happy Christmas from Amanda and me, and all the team at Kensington Temple!


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