Mastering Your Emotions


Emotions are a vitally important, God-given part of our human personality. They provide the colour and richness we need in our life to prevent it from being an insipid, dull experience. But things can go wrong with our emotions and being dominated by negative emotions can lead to a miserable existence. Emotional pain is as real as physical pain and can be severe. Despite the fact that we live in a ‘feelings-first’ culture, many still find it extremely difficult to accurately identify and express their emotions. Colin Dye teaches what it means to be an emotionally whole person, explaining that emotions are signals that point to deeper, unmet needs. He explains how we can identify the real needs that lie beneath the surface of our emotional ‘smoke screens’ and how we can receive fulfilment in Jesus. The author deals with the causes of the most common negative emotions: fear, anxiety, anger, sadness and depression, and teaches how we can overcome them.


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