Daily Devotions

No Turning Back!

Read: Genesis 5:23-24. This short passage yields a wealth of revelation. It tells of a man called Enoch who had but one priority in life ? to walk with God in unbroken communion and deep intimacy.   The book of Hebrews describes this as an act of faith that...

Preparing Your Mind for Action

This quaint, old phrase, ?gird up the loins of your mind? is best understood in modern terms as, ?Prepare your mind for action.? It means getting rid of everything that stops practical action in Christian living. And, interestingly, these obstacles are frequently to...

Thinking with the Mind of Christ

The mind is the real battleground of Christian living. To surrender to the Lord and to live totally for him is simply the logical or reasonable response of a life that has been brought to enjoy the mercies of God. But God goes further than that. He wants us to prove...


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