The Hope Filled Life

by | Oct 22, 2019


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25 years milestones: Part 4

Celebrating 25 years in the senior ministry of KT, Colin Dye describes the new vision for the new century. In these articles I have been sharing many of the major milestones we have passed as a church over the last 25 years. We have seen how God has been with...

Identifying marks: community church

We are relational beings made in the image of God who is also relational by very nature. He is more than a Unity. He is also a Trinity of persons in which Father, Son and Holy Spirit share in eternal community of love, joy and fellowship. And we are invited to share...

Church without walls

Church without walls

For most people, all they ever see are the external walls of the church. The average person in London may pass by a dozen churches each day but few will enter to find out more about God. Could it be that our church walls are one of the greatest hindrances to the...

Identifying marks: mission church

God?s heart is for mission. He is ever-loving, ever-giving and ever-sending. From before the creation of the world God always existed as the One, Eternal and Uncreated Being. But he was not living in solitary, isolated and detached Oneness. The Father reached out to...

Becoming Christ's Hand and Feet

God has showered us with benefits and blessings. Jesus paid for them all on the cross and we received them by faith, the very moment we believed in Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Gospel blessings come from pure grace and we receive them by simple faith, without ever...

London and the World for Christ

One could not imagine a more life-affirming person than Jesus. He lived selflessly for others and constantly reached out to them, just as the Gospels tell it: all whom he touched where made completely whole. Christians proclaim a positive message and this adds value...

The Five Fold Ministry and You

When the ministry gifts of Christ listed in Ephesians 4:11 operate effectively, they begin to activate and energise the body of Christ. That is why it is necessary for every Christian to come under the ministry of all five of these gifts. When these gifts are not...

8 steps to Fulfilling your Ministry

Every Christian is called to make, to mature and to mobilise disciples. We are all called to evangelise, to build one another up, to care for poor, to encourage others, and so on. But, for most of us, there is a basic, underlying gift, a God-given talent that lies...

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