Hi there! I’m Colin
Fellow traveller on the journey of life

A Light
To The Nations

This unique documentary on Colin Dye's life shows how God uses us for his purpose.

Watchman Awake! ► Youtube playlist

Introducing Watchman

6:25 min

Watchman Declaration

5:01 min

Declaration Part 1

2:02 min

Declaration Part 2

2:01 min

Declaration Part 3

3:03 min

Declaration Part 4

4:32 min

Declaration Part 5

4:55 min

Declaration Part 6

5:10 min

Declaration Part 7

4:11 min

Jesus and Religion ► Youtube playlist

Jesus & Religion

13:34 min

Jesus & Spirituality

14:08 min

Jesus & Politics

16:43 min

Jesus & Morality

16:06 min

Jesus & Truth

12:12 min

Good question ► Youtube playlist

Why would God punish his Son?

3:14 min | Full message: The Sacrifice of Christ

Can you lose salvation?

1:25 min | Full message: In the Grip of Grace

Steps towards getting to know Jesus

2 min | Full message: Time for Action

Living fully for Jesus  Youtube playlist

Unloading your life

4:35 min | Full message: Receiving the Kingdom

On our own we are spiritually blind

2:31 min | Full message: Renewing Your Vision

You have been called by God

4:05 min | Full message: Live Your Calling

Colin Dye Up Close


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