An important part of going deeper with God is the determination to stand up for biblical truth in Society. Four times in the Bible the fundamental nature of marriage is set forth. No one can deny that the following verses show God has given marriage as a monogamous life-long covenant between a man and a woman: Genesis 2:4; Matthew 19:5; Mark
10:7; Ephesians 5:31.


It is time for Christians to stand up for truth. But how can we do this?

It is time for Christians to stand up for truth. But how can we do this?

The biblical stories of Ruth and Naomi and David and Jonathan show that committed friendships between members of the same sex are a blessing provided they follow God?s principles. Covenantal-type relationships have a place in God?s kingdom, but the Bible never sexualises them. And yet a majority of MPs in the House of Commons want to see marriage redefined to include same sex relationships. This not only goes against the plain facts of biological
science, it also rejects God?s provision of the basic building block of a stable and healthy society. The book of Romans shows how God turns away from those who reject his knowledge and build on their own idolatrous ideologies. This is what is happening in Britain today.
It is time for Christians to stand up for truth. But how can we do this? In my next post I will give you some practical guidance on how to communicate on this issue with your local Member of Parliament. It is important to do this. But there are other things we must do as well.
We are not happy that society seems to have rejected the Christian view of marriage, but this will not change anything. We must exhibit God?s plan for marriage and family in positive ways. The current move to redefine marriage did not begin with the measure currently before Parliament. It began long ago when sex lost its sanctity within marriage and when the covenant of marriage was undermined by the increasing rates of ever-easier divorce.
Only positive and consistent examples of marriage and family can hope to turn the tide. Christians must show society that God?s way works and that we really live what we preach. Only then will we be able to influence this and future generations with God?s truth.


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